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About Us

iControl brings retailers and suppliers together to achieve more transparent partnerships and promote more and better collaboration.
We do it through three offerings that work in harmony - data integration, payment settlements, and performance insights.


iControl exists to create technology and offer services that make it easy and cost effective for retailers
and suppliers of all shapes and sizes to confidently share information and collaborate with each other.


Our mission is to provide means for smart, progressive companies to improve performance, reduce costs,
and do business more profitably – while also helping their partners achieve the same goals.

With Harmony by iControl™ software and support, retailers
and suppliers discover that it pays to work in Harmony™!



Tal J. Zlotnitsky

Chairman & co-Chief
Executive Officer

Sean Zlotnitsky | iControl

Sean Zlotnitsky

co-Chief Executive

Mark Lopez | iControl

Mark Lopez

Chief Operating Officer

Greg Reynolds | iControl

Greg Reynolds

Chief Financial Officer

Gilad Keren | iControl

Gilad Keren

Chief Technology Officer

Mindy Yu | iControl

Mindy Yu

Controller & EVP, Finance

Mike Flebotte | iControl

Mike Flebotte

EVP, Marketing & Business Strategy


Kelly Poling

EVP, Talent


Esther Ortiz

SVP, Client Success

Andrew Sanderson | iControl

Andrew Sanderson

SVP, Payment Solutions

John D'Aloia | iControl

John D'Aloia

SVP, Sales

Jack Mannix | iControl

Jack Mannix

SVP, Sales -
National & Key Accounts

Jennifer Skinner | iControl.png

Jennifer Skinner

SVP, Data Exchange


Tal Shachar

VP, BI Product Development & Support


Anthony Cannady

VP, Key Clients

Charlie Clark | iControl.png

Charlie Clark

VP, Application 
Development & Architecture

Amol Sayal | iControl

Amol Sayal

VP, Data Integrity

Robert Malvin | iControl

Robert Malvin

VP, Retail Insights and Analytics

Randy Hertle | iControl

Randy Hertle

VP, Sales - Retail Insights and Analytics



VP, Business Application





Tal J. Zlotnitsky

Chairman & co-Chief Executive Officer

Sean Zlotnitsky | iControl

Sean Zlotnitsky

Vice Chairman & co-Chief Executive Officer


Robert Lipman.png

Robert Lipman

Chairman and President of Lipman Brothers

Tucker Greene | iControl

Tucker Greene

Vice President, Goldman Sachs Specialty Lending Group

Matthew Gutermuth | iControl

Matthew Gutermuth

Former President & CEO,;  former senior executive at Sysco, Winn-Dixie

Ann Dozier | iControl

Ann Dozier

CIO at Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits; former VP/IT & Supply Chain, Dean Foods; former GVP/Customer Collaboration at Coca Cola


Rohit Tandon

Founder and CEO, Elevondata; Global Head, Product Management & Outbound Strategy - MDM, Oracle Corporation

Mike Lorelli | iControl

Mike Lorelli

Vice Chairman; Operating Executive Partner, Falconhead Capital; former President of Pizza Hut International; former President PepsiCo East

Roger Davidson | iControl

Roger Davidson

COO, MaGi Foods, LLC; former SVP at HEB, Ahold, Supervalu & Wal Mart

Todd Mezrah | iControl

Todd Mezrah

CEO, Mezrah Consulting; co-founder & CEO, DrawLoop



Chuck McKay

Principal, Rolling Bay Management Advisors; VP of Commercial Insights & Analytics, FirstData; VP, Head of Competitive Intelligence, MasterCard.


Mike L. Jackson

Vice Chairman; former President and COO, SUPERVALU

David L. Bryant | iControl

David L. Bryant

Partner, 3D Growth Partners; Former Acosta VP (Strategy, M&A), GE Chief Marketing Officer/GM, Bain Consultant


Steve Lubin

President, Steve Lubin Enterprises; Former VP/General Merchandise, Walgreens


Goldman Sachs | iControl

iControl Announces Growth Financing led by Goldman Sachs 

On October 12, 2015, iControl Data Solutions announced that it had closed a $20 million growth capital facility with Goldman Sachs Specialty Lending Group ("GSSLG"). The company will use the proceeds to bolster its balance sheet and finance its growth, which recently landed the company on Entrepreneur magazine’s Entrepreneur 360™ list of Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America.



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